Setting up Homes for Sale for Open Houses

The time has come for you to sell your home. You’ve taken the time to improve your home by making minor remodels and touch ups, organizing and rearranging and getting rid of anything that may clutter the space or make it less appealing to buyers. Now that you’re ready to host an open house, there are many things that you should and shouldn’t be doing. Take these tips from our realtors so that you can have the most successful open house possible.

Share Online

Make sure that you’re making your open house known online. People searching for open houses or homes for sale should be able to come across your listing for your open house.

Promote With Photos

Letting people know about your open house with examples of what the home will look like will help with getting a better turnout. Some people will decide whether or not they want to check out an open house based on the photos. By adding just a couple photos of the main selling points, you can intrigue buyers to stop by.

Stage Your Home

Many homeowners tend to think that staging their home isn’t worth the money but nothing could be further from the truth. Be sure to set you home up for success by having a staging company come in and set up your home for sale before the open house.

Don’t Attend Your Open House

Attending your open house could have unintended consequences. Those looking for homes for sale are looking explore your home without any pressure. Let them see your home and let your real estate agent take care of the rest.

If you’re ready to sell your home but are in need of a realtor, don’t hesitate to contact Legacy Real Estate today. We’ll help you sell your home and prepare for a successful open house. Call today!